There’s a good chance your trout stream is running high and coloured right now, so it’s a good opportunity to get that tackle bag in order or tie up a few leaders for the fishing to come.

With that in mind, in the latest video on the Piscari Fly YouTube channel, Peter Driver has taken the time to explain how he sets up his leaders for his dry-dropper fishing. Those of you familiar with Peter’s work will know that he has a very scientific approach to all things leader – with lengths, materials, diameters, knots, additives and more – all under severe scrutiny when Peter is prepping for a fishing session.

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As ever, Peter has some great tips for anglers looking looking for insight into how to catch more fish, while at the same time not over-complicating things! Peter has a wealth of great tuitional videos like this up on the Piscari Fly YouTube channel – so don’t forget to like, subscribe and share his work!