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Fishing on Loughs Conn & Cullin a bit of a mixed bag


Steve Schreck reports from Loughs Conn & Cullin…

Fishing on the lakes was a bit of a mixed bag with prolific days accompanied by rather slow days also. Hatches of mayfly are picking up but are still sporadic.

Ian Wise fished with two Cork anglers Thursday to Saturday, mainly staying in Ned’s Bay, Castlehill Bay and Flannery’s Bay. Thursday and Saturday were good days, while Friday proved to be very difficult with high air pressure coming in. The two anglers caught in the region of 20 fish over the course of their three-day trip with the best fish weighing 1.5lbs. Successful flies were Brown Wulff and Yellow Wulff. Ian recorded a massive, but localised hatch of mayflies on Saturday in Flannery’s Bay.

Peter Roche ventured out on Tuesday at Castlehill, fishing dry Mayflies. He caught and released 5 trout with a combined weight of 8lbs, one of those being an absolute beauty of 3lbs.

Peter Roche’s beautifully coloured 3lbs trout from Castlehill Bay, Lough Conn

Garry Binley wet a line on Wednesday, catching 7 fish around Castlehill Bay.

Peter Roche ghillied Cork anglers Tadgh Concannon and Liam van Gendt on Friday and Saturday mainly fishing Ned’s Bay and Flannery’s Bay.  The two anglers caught 4 trout with the best fish weighing 1.75lbs. In the early morning, dry mayflies seemed to work better, while in the afternoon spent mayfly fishing was more successful. The best fish were caught when Peter spotted a good hatch of olives and matched the hatch for his two clients.