Dan O’Neill, fishery Manager at Mount Juliet, reports from the River Nore:

Over the weekend I was eager to try some dry fly fishing in an area I had my eye on for the last couple of weeks. I haven’t yet mastered the tying of dry flies but I know a man who has. With a box of flies tied by a good friend of mine, Kevin Oates, it was time for me to go to my long awaited area of choice. As I approached, there were some trout rising just above the area I wanted to try. Seeing this as a good sign I was careful not to be too eager on my entry into the water and, of course, approach to the fish.

My set up today was my trusty 9ft 4wt loaded with Rio technical trout. On the business end I had a 6x 9ft Rio power flex tapered leader. At times I go a bit longer with my leader but was confident in my choice today for given conditions and location. I try not to get to caught up with equipment, I do think the fly line is important and the breakdown of the line taper, if you plan fishing at 15-30ft then something with a short front taper helps load the rod easier for good loop shape and stability. I pick what I feel is right for my casting style and work on my presentation by practising at home on the lawn. I place some targets usually no further than 30ft and work to that distance, mark your fly line at 20ft (1 mark), 25ft (2 marks), 30ft (3 marks) including your leader and work at those distances until your consistent and accurate. When you’re on the river you will know your distances and not be inclined to cast beyond your good presentation point. I found I met more fish by doing this and when teaching I always recommend that you have a mark on your line at 30ft to learn more about what your fly rod is telling you.

As I settled into position I watched very carefully as I like to target a certain fish when I dry fly fish. There was a trout rising just off of a rock seam to my right. Taking the rod carefully and getting into my cast I dropped the fly slightly short of the fish. The next cast however covered the fish and the trout kindly obliged and took in my dry fly. Lifting carefully I steered the fish out of the seam with as little disturbance as possible. A nice trout of about ½ to ¾ of a pound. Many more trout were rising above the location I was in so I eased my way up meeting some nice fish on the way.


As Sunday morning arrived I found myself at 5.30am tying up leaders for my 7am booking. I always like meeting fellow anglers from across the globe as it’s a great way of gaining information and tactics. This week I would be spoiled with information and tactics from a very talented angler, Brent Koehler. Usually fishing in Montana, Brent was a mine of stories from afar that I could have listened to for many many hours. Watching Brent’s approach to the fish and hearing his analysis of where he found the fish were lying was interesting. I stood nearby for the first while and then let Brent along a lovely glide on his own while I watched on.

Brent and one of his Nore trout
Brent and one of his Nore trout

I found his appreciation of angling and nature to be refreshing and boosted my appreciation also. Brent had some lovely trout and we lost count as to how many we caught which was probably 20 or possibly over it. A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning and with unique company.

Dan O’Neill
Mount Juliet Estate.

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