Tom Doc Sullivan is a well-known guide on Lough Corrib in the west of Ireland. He was recently online with Peter Driver from Piscari Fly on Peter’s popular live flytying poscast/video show, where he mentioned that the previous time he was on the show, he was contacted by Chris Rownes from The Floating Fly. 

The Floating Fly is “a website dedicated to promoting the fine art of Dry fly fishing with special emphasis on techniques used by master dry fly fishers from around the globe”, and Chris invited Tom to pen an article on Irish lough fishing using the dry fly. Well, Tom eventually got around to sharing it with the rest of us, and we have to say it is great reading!

You can read Toms article Fishing The Dry Fly (On The Irish Loughs) here. We recommend putting on the kettle and having a nice cup of whatever you fancy, putting the feet up and enjoying a very informative and entertaining read.

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Tom Doc guides on Loughs Corrib and Mask mostly, and can be contacted below for enquiries and bookings.