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Lough Arrow Anglers look back on this year’s great Mayfly season


Lough Arrow anglers report…

‘WE’LL BE BACK!’ So said a group of visiting anglers after their first Lough Arrow mayfly experience. The lure of the lake!

The mayfly is over for another year. We can say, however, that it was one of the best over the past number of years. The hatch started early in the first days of May, with the main hatch taking place from the 10th to the 15th. The weather conditions were just right for good mayfly fishing, with breezy showery days in the beginning of the greens, and calm overcast days for the spent. There was a lot of fish caught – mainly small, but we had our usual number of good-sized fish with weights of up to 8lb.

Anglers fishing out of John Hargadon’s Boat Hire reported good fishing over the weekend of 26th May. Dublin angler Eddie Rowe had 3, John Kane from Down had 2 and Michael Gibson caught 4. Roy Simpson, UK, had 3, with Andy Birkett & Brent Vinall also from UK catching 12, the best weighing 5lb. All fish were caught on dries, and released.

We have no reports of catches on the Murrough yet, as Lough Arrow tends to be quiet during the month of June. We will still have a small number of spent trundling out, even into July, and you could be lucky and pick up the odd fish. However, to keep the spirits up we still have Caenis, Green Peter and Sedge fishing to look forward to!

Tight lines and bent rods!