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Low temperatures and strong winds make for tough fishing on Lough Arrow

Thomas O'Donovan receiving The Martin Carr Perpetual Cup from Ross Carr

Lough Arrow Anglers report…

Last week’s fishing was very tough, with low temperatures, rain and strong winds. There weren’t many boats out and very few fish caught. Paul and Niall Cullen were out and they landed a few nice fish.

The 2nd competition of the year was held on Sunday 16th. Unlike the previous week, there was no wind and hardly a ripple on the lake. This made fishing very difficult. There was a good number of duckflies and the odd olive to be seen, but the trout stayed down and showed little interest.

43 anglers took part, with 4 trout weighed in due to the calm conditions. Thomas O’Donovan was the overall winner and was presented with The Martin Carr Perpetual Cup.

The proceeds of the competition and raffle following the weigh-in raised €800 which was divided between The North West Hospice and Irish Heart Foundation. It’s also great to see non-anglers turning up for the weigh-in and having a chat. Thanks all!

Philip and Ellie provide a warm reception which is much appreciated.

With the weather getting milder and the rise in temperatures, hopefully the fishing will improve. Last week we heard the cuckoo, this week we heard the woodpecker, what’s next? It’s good to listen and observe nature around the lake.

Tight lines and bent rods!