How’s the Fishing?

Ardaire Springs

Had 2 fantastic days out this week. In Ardaire Springs first on Thursday and then Laois Angling Centre Friday. Conditions were nice and calm but overcast. Every fish seemed to be on the surface of the lake, you could see lots of action. After pulling several mini black lures on an Aqualux fast cast I switched over to the olive apps work and started to meet fish straight away. For the remainder of the day the theme was olive with an olive rocco lure being the best fly of the day. A lot of other anglers on the lake appeared to be on small nymphs, Diawl bachs and cormorants all taking there fair share of fish.

Rocco lures

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We ventured out to Laois Angling Center on Friday for a cast prior to the weekend. Conditions were ideal with low lying sun and mixed cloud cover. Fishing was slow to start till Mark and myself figured out what was working best. We both set up 2 rods each. One for pulling lures and the other for a Pimp / Bung set up. That could be changed quickly for dry fly if needed.

Laois AC rainbow

Beginning on the deep end of the lake, Myself and Mark began pulling lures on intermediate lines finding olive minkies with orange hot spots working best. A lot of follows to the bank and odd takes with only some fish locking up and landing them to the bank. Mark switched to the surface onto beetles and Sugar cube flys picking off a few moving feeding fish. However still nothing consistent seeming to work. We move over to Pimp/Bung Setup. Mark began catching on eggs straight away, where I worked through other patterns finding black to be working best. We moved up along the wood side of the lake covering various pegs. Where we got into some great action, fish after fish for both of us. All again on the Pimp/Bung Setup with the odd few on lures. Eggs and worm patterns working best on the Pimp setup for us. Ending a great tally of fish for both of us for our 5hrs fishing before returning home. Our next day soon, we plan to have some different dry patterns tied to cover feeding fish on small stuff coming off the surface that we noticed and see how we get on.

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Top Tip

If you arrive to a bank venue and you see a lot of fish on the surface they can be difficult to catch when they are behaving like this. They can be behaving like this for one of 2 reasons First they are feeding in the top foot of water and you can target them at this level and possibly catch some of them. Secondly they are fresh stocked fish which will always spend the first week or 10 days in the top 12 to 18 inches of water and they can be difficult to catch. Sometimes you are better going through and fishing deeper for the older resident fish. A lot of anglers can spend a lot of time being very frustrated fishing the surface for those fish. When bank fishing if you get the correct depth for the actual feeding fish you are 75% of the way there to cracking a good day’s fishing.

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