Ger Power was in Belturbet once more. As ever pike were the target, but this time he had a secret weapon, his 9 year old nephew Adam.

It was a very blustery weekend at Belturbet with a definitely nip in the air, and there were very few other anglers about. But all thoughts of the weather were forgotten when young Adam’s smelt deadbait was picked up… When he struck the fish they all knew this was something special and with help from his uncle Ger, Adam landed his first “20”. A couple of photos to record the moment, and the pike was safely released to fight again another day. There were only a couple of other smallish pike caught, but that hardly mattered at all. Everyone was thrilled with Adam getting in to the 20s club.

Adam and his older brother Jamie, 11, are fishing 5 years now. The pair have  have been very successful. With an uncle like Ger showing them the ropes, it’s hardly any surprise.

Adam's 20lb pike from Belturbet
Adam’s 20lb pike from Belturbet

We heard Adam was up early this morning, in a rush to get to school and tell all his friends and teachers about his catch on Saturday, and sure that’s what its all about. Well done Adam, hat a super pike! And well done Ger, you’ve every reason to be a proud uncle today!

Go fishing…