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Coffee spurs Carp into action for Anthony O’Neill


Dan O’Neill reports on a recent coarse angling trip:

Sudden brief spells of sunshine make you look outside and think right that’s it, it’s here, spring and sprung. Making plans to hit the lake and look for fish. By the time me and Anthony got to the lake we had been dotted with droplets. However, we were here, so I set up for rudd and roach while Anthony had carp on his mind.

I had hoped over the last couple of weeks to have a couple of sessions for big roach and hybrids on the Barrow, but it just didn’t happen due to conditions. The water is dropping nicely now so a trip will happen hopefully in the next two weeks. I enjoy making different ground bait mixes and have found that your ingredients can influence how aggressively the fish feed. My favourite roach mix is hemp seed, soaked bread, and chopped worm, all mixed through layers of pellets. If I am fishing in deeper water and want to make sure I hit the bottom, I add some sand or soil for weight. At times, I will skin the ground bait balls by making them, dipping them in water, and leaving them for a minute or two before throwing them in. It tends to delay the breakdown time of the ground bait, which can be great for hybrids, I find.

Back to the lake now, I set up in a sheltered area of the lake, and Anthony did his usual lap of the lake, looking for feeding fish. I was in one of the “chuck it and chance it” moods today, as I had planned to clean out the tackle box between bites if I was lucky enough to get any. Anthony returned from his walk very quietly, which meant he found fish. Deciding on a normal float rig using the 10ft pellet waggler, he made his way to his location. I had decided on a pellet waggler, too, and drip-fed close in to see if I could tempt a roach or rudd. Drip feeding can be very successful. Once you decide on your fishing spot, throw in 3 or 4 free offerings around your float every 3-4 mins or space it out to 5-6mins. Different intervals work depending on conditions, pressure, fish, etc, so keep notice of what works best for you.

A roach goes back

The float looked beautiful sitting in the water. The clouds reflected on the water, bringing me back to lying in clover fields, looking at the cloud shapes, allowing my imagination to make them into magnificent beasts, bumble bees shooting by swallows flashing in and out of your vision as you stare at the clouds. As I looked back at the lake something was missing from the picture, my float. I grabbed the rod and lifted into my first fish which was a lovely roach. Great fun on the pellet waggler. Quick picture, and I released the roach.

Anthony was shouting at me soon after to go over to get a picture of him with his roach, which was good size. I went back to the brolly to continue with cleaning the tackle box, have a cup of coffee and something to eat. As I made the coffee and got the roll ready Anthony again began calling. I think we can all relate to that scene where we have something to eat, a cup of coffee or just take a minute and bang the rod goes. This time it stayed down in the water for longer and moved at speed, a quick golden flash just under the surface confirmed Anthony had a carp. A beautiful fish such golden colors and perfect features. We slipped out the hook and released the fish after a quick picture.

We had some nice rudd after and some roach. The tackle box didn’t get much of a clean out, but always the next day. When the sun was shining, we did notice a few rudd splashing about so will hit them soon with the fly rod. Anthony has been practising his casting with his newfound best friend, the Cadence 8ft 6in 3wt. Watch out rudd!

Next up, a carp

Ardaire Springs angling fair.

The event is drawing closer and each week new names are being added to the lineup. It has all the makings of a fantastic show. A super way to get to meet some of the best in the business and get some hints and tips. I will be there with the Apgai team and also the Cadence team, make sure and stop by to say hello.