The CM Lakelands Feeder Club held a club match last weekend on the ever reliable Garadice Lough in Leitrim, with Houghton’s shore the chosen section.

With temperatures as low as -5°C during the night, it made the fishing vey difficult. Having said that, everyone caught something, but the bigger fish never turned up.

  • 1st was Donatas Nekrasius with a weight of over 2kg which was made up of 1 big skimmer and 20 plus small roach.
  • 2nd was Eimantas Kasalynas with a weight of just under 2kg of roach.
  • 3rd was Brenton Sweeney with just under 1.5kg from 17 small fish .
  • 4th and last in the frame was Robertas Zilaitis with 1.4kg of small fish.