Six members of the VDE Baggers tried a new stretch of river at the weekend and were excited to see plenty of surface action as good numbers of roach were topping at the surface. They all set up on whips, and while there were plenty of bites, they only resulted in small fish of half an ounce or so.

Aaron with his 10kg+

Midway through the match, Aaron Nabc Hutchmann decided to ditch the whip in favour of a feeder set-up with a long tail. And the switch worked wonders, as he was soon into a much better stamp of fish, helping him to a 10+ kilo bag which won him the knock-up. Keeping it a family affair, his dad came in second with 5.6kg, while Sebastien was a kilo lighter on 4.6kg in third place.

A family affair, Aaron’s dad finished second