Paul Waghorne is back at Lanesborough after a long absence. He reports on his latest Irish angling adventure here.

I was last over in 2022 to close down Bridie’s shop but here I am on another 3 week jaunt. As you are aware, the river system and lakes are extremely flooded. Fishing at Lanesborough is almost worthless, although the water temperature has now surpassed the magic 10.6°C when the fish enter the river from the lake. This year, it hasn’t happened (yet) and I blanked yesterday evening (21 April) despite seeing a few fish topping on the navigation side. This morning, 22 April, the reading was almost 13°C so the Roach run is surely imminent?

Floods and high water...
Floods and high water…

When I arrived last Wednesday, I was hoping to fish either the Camlin or the Feorish which enter the Shannon at Tarmonbarry. Both are mainly inaccessible due to levels.


Eventually, I found a small un-named lake with just one spot where I could fish. An eight hour session produced 14 Tench to 4lb 10oz for a total weight of 50lb 3oz plus 4 Hybrids and 5 Rudd, all caught a vintage 1956 ESS fibre glass rod and 1960’s Mitchell 300. Each fish was individually weighed and returned. I rarely use a keepnet.

Best fishes,
– Paul

 A 1950's TJ Harrington reel that has been repainted for use here
A 1950’s TJ Harrington reel that has been repainted for use here