Adrian Browne reports on the Dunbrody Festival which was fished on Saturday and Sunday at the weekend…

The first day of the Dunbrody Festival at Oaklands was graced by heavy showers and gust wind which made fishing difficult at the shop end of the lake. The weights improved further up the lake with in form Leo Lynch winning the day with 84.820 kg.

In second on the opposite bank on end peg 33 was Andrei Pirchio netting 69.210 kg.
Not far behind him was Jon Roca bagging 67.270kg all to play for tomorrow.

Day 1 Results

1st Leo Lynch 84.820 kg
2nd Andries Pirchio 69.210 kg.
3rd Jon Roca 67.270 kg.


A John Mulligan 12.290 kg
B Clinton Walsh 41.010 kg
C John Thompson 25.020 kg
D M Ivkov 50.490 kg
E Ronan Minogue 31.290 kg
F Paddy O’Neill 39.980 kg
G Ewan Weed 37.240 kg
H David Minogue 50.490 kg

Day 2

We said it was all to play for going into Day2 and what a tight finish it was.
Starting with Day 2 results, winning from end peg one was John Browne netting 73.060 k.
2nd on Day 2 was was Ronan Minogue bagging 59.560 kg and 3rd Andrei Pirchio with 56.160 kg.

The Overall win came down to 2.5 kg between the top 2 and for the 2nd year in a row Leo Lynch comes out on top and close behind him was Andrei Pirchio with John Browne finishing in 3rd.

Day 2 Results

1st John Browne 73.060 kg
2nd Ronan Minogue 59.560 kg
3rd Andrei Pirchio 56.160 kg


A. Vlad Alexandru 29.580 kg
B. Paddy O’Neill 55.560 kg
C. A Browne 52.400 kg
D. Leo Lynch 43.060 kg
E. P Mansbridge 29.290 kg
F. Velimer Mozart 39.040 kg
G Ewan Weed 25.840 kg
H Attila Paldick 22.490 kg

Overall winners

1st Leo Lynch 127.880 kg
2nd Andries Pirchio 125.340 kg
3rd John Browne 110.260 kg
4th Paddy O’Neill 95.540 kg
5th Jon Roca 90.750 kg
6th Ronan Minogue 90.640kg

Winning Pair
  • John Browne & Dave Minogue 170.510 kg

We’d like to thank all the lads who fished and congratulate all the winners.

Big thanks also to Ewan Weed and Preston Innovations for the sponsorship and we are looking forward to the 25th anniversary of the competition next year where planning a big one.

Go fishing…

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