The VDE Baggers held a second fundraiser for the team heading to the World Float Championships in Slovenia later this month. They travelled to Muckno for the match, but unfortunately found that the majority of the roach in the lake had also travelled… off to the margins to spawn… That meant there were slim pickings left for the anglers and any angler that could bag a bream or hybrid would be in the placings.

A nice bream made the difference for AAron

So it turned out: Aaron Nabc Hutchmann netted a handy bream to add to his 15 roach, giving him 3kg. Grzegorz Bojczewski came in second, with a couple of hybrids helping him to 2.3kg, and Mark Alcock had a couple of nice skimmers, pushing him into third place.

Best of luck to all anglers heading to the World Champs in a few weeks!