Happy New Year

We would like to wish you and yours a very happy new year and tight lines for 2024. Hopefully we will get a chance to meet on the waters as we go through the season. We have exciting plans for the coming year and look forward to sharing them with you as we develop them.

Newsletters will be back weekly at the usual time and day from now on.

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How’s the Fishing?

Christmas was quite enough on the fly fishing front with the mixed bag of weather and the festive events over the few weeks. However, the lads did get down to Youghal one evening there last week and had some action on the beach caster rods. There was no cod about but they had some fun alright and planning a few trips around the coast over the coming weeks in search of some cod fishing. Make sure and check out piscari sea & game Facebook page for updates of how the coast is fishing, or drop Owen a line in piscarifly and he can point you in the right direction.


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What’s New & What’s Coming

Piscari Travels

So with the first leg of our Australian trip to Philip Island over, we moved back inland towards and around Melbourne for a few days before we set off again. Our next leg took us up into the mountains for a few days, where I went looking for some trout streams to fish.

Philip Island was a bust I managed only one small flat head fish over several sessions on some amazing beaches. talking to the local tackle shops and anglers on the beaches the low pressure that came across this region really fecked it up and the fish moved out to the deeper water. While conditions looked good the wind wasn’t helping either to settle the fish back down.

Moving on from there we headed to the Mountain regions and stayed in a place called Monbulk near the Yarra National Park, here I got to fish the Goulburn River and it was a fantastic river stuffed with plenty of obliging fish.

Following this and after a short regroup in Melbourne we flew off down to Cairns and got to see the Great Barrier Reef, this was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. I was a very proud Daddy seeing Lily snorkelling away over the reef with no fear at all. Unfortunately a cyclone passed through this region not so long ago and left devastation in its wake for a lot of people. This also meant the fishing was not that great along the coast line either.

Getting a bad run on this trip for the saltwater action. Hopefully on the next leg down the great ocean road we will hit some luck. I have a day out on the rivers with the Australian Captain Tom Jarman over the coming days and I am so looking forward to that and having a good chat with Tom. Make sure to check out Piscarifly club for all the videos.



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