Seamus Bracken was in touch to tell us about a super day’s piking enjoyed by himself and his friends recently. Seamus travelled to a venue in Antrim along with friends Annmarie, Sean and Garry. In terms of numbers, it was a pretty good day, with 8 pike landed and three that got away. But in terms of quality, it was an excellent day, with three 20’s and a couple of doubles. And it was ladies to the fore, as Annemarie landed the two biggest fish on the day, with a fine 25lb pike and another weighing in at 22.5lb.

One of Annemarie’s brace of 20lb+ pike
And the other one…

Seamus also managed to get into the twenty-zone with a nice pike weighing in at 21.5lb.

A 21.5lb fish for Seamus

Sean and Garry missed out on the twenties, but each managed to land a double and a smaller fish.

So, all told, it was a very busy day, and in terms of the quality of pike, it was by far the best day the guys have had in a long time. All the pike were handled carefully and returned to the water and with a bit of luck they will make some other anglers just as happy sometime in the future.

Please fish in a sustainable manner