Despite the bad weather including Storm Kathleen we have received a good report from Pascal Brissaud of Watermill Fishing Lodge on pike fishing during the last week.

Three groups of French and Belgian fishermen visited Pascal recently at Watermill Lodge to fish for pike on Lough Erne.

The first group of two fishermen caught 87 fish and the largest fish were 91 cm, 96 cm, 97 cm. The cherry on the cake was a super fish of 105 cm.

The second group of four fishermen caught 132 pike, the largest of which measured 90 cm, 97 cm, 99 cm and 102 cm respectively.

Watermill Lodge, Fermanagh.

This week Belgian and French fishermen caught around 10 fish per boat per day up to 95 cm. Yesterday a single boat caught more than twenty fish. Pascal managed a few hours on the water yesterday and was fishing with a friend. They caught nine fish of modest size as the weather and lake conditions improved after Storm Kathleen.

We look forward to bringing you Pascals next reports!

Watermill Fishing Lodge
Watermill Fishing Lodge
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