Norbert Renaud of L’ile Verte Pike Fishing Lodge has been busy in the lodge lately, as he has been tailoring a range of ‘Fugly’ pike fishing lures that will be available though his web shop. While Norbert prefers to fish with a fly rod during the milder months, when the days are short he stashes the fly rods in the rafters and fishes lures slow and deep to try and entice his pike.

Norbert has produced a range of videos on his YouTube channel detailing the process he goes through in the design and manufacture of his Fugly range and the latest of those videos is online now and well worth a look. Norbert takes a scientific approach to his work and has put in a huge amount of time trying to perfect his range.

Links are available in-video to browse the available range, don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel.