Chris Scally of Fish Tales guiding was in touch to let us know how his recent guests, Andy and Shelby from the USA, fared on their first pike fishing outing. They got a lucky break with the weather and were able to cast their floats out in relative calm, meaning they were nice and visible to see the takes.

A well-kitted-out boat, ready for action on a rare calm day

And there were plenty of those takes, resulting in 5 fish landed and numerous dropped runs, making for an eventful day.

A small one for Shelby

But, as the session wore on, one float shot off like a torpedo, and the guys knew it must be a better stamp of fish. And after a good struggle a fine 101cm pike just over the 20lb mark was brought to the boat.

Big pike and big smiles for Andy

All fish were returned unharmed, and if you fancy a day out with Chris, with all gear supplied and a packed lunch, all you have to do is just turn up and fish…

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