At the end of 2023 we promised to keep you updated on the FISH-LIVE-LEARN with Glenda Powell Irish Salmon Challenge. Here’s the latest news from Glenda Powell…

Salmon fishing in Ireland has seen many changes over the last fifty years. Changes in equipment, changes in access to waters, changes in water quality, changes in numbers of returning fish and changes in rules & regulations. One thing that has remained in all this time is how we still what to honour & celebrate that big fish. Whether a large fish is taken on a big river like the Suir or on a wee spate river like the Owenduff, you’ll hear about it. It’s that kind of news, it spreads like wildfire and always did. It gives us the belief that maybe the next day out, it will be possible to have the big one at the end of our line.



This coming season we are launching the FISH-LIVE-LEARN with Glenda Powell Irish Salmon Challenge. This challenge will endeavour to elevate the big salmon of Ireland back to the heights they deserve, while also promoting the conservation of the species. For many years we’ve made the fish itself the trophy, with this challenge we’re allowing anglers to return the fish and still have the catch honoured. The trophy is a specially designed and commissioned traditional Irish Bodhran, crafted in Connemara for us by Malachy Kearns and his team at Roundstone Musical Instruments.

salmon prizes

Cadence Fly Fishing, Bertha’s Gin, FishPal, Celtic Fly Craft & the Irish Fly Fair have all kindly donated prizes for the lucky winner and of course their name & catch will be engraved onto the trophy. We’re really looking forward to seeing some really be fish from throughout the country this year. We explain the rules & regulations regarding how to make your entry into the FISH-LIVE-LEARN with Glenda Powell Irish Salmon Challenge in the link below.

For full list of rules & to find out more on the challenge:

FISH-LIVE-LEARN with Glenda Powell Irish Salmon Challenge