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Anglers on the Moy see more grilse running as catches improve further


Michael Murphy reports from the River Moy…

River Moy Angling Report Week ending 09-06-2024

Water levels at Ballylahan holding steadier this week with only slight fluctuations from 0.45 m on Monday 3rd down to 0.35 m on Sunday 9th June.  Weather wise the past week was drier than normal across much of the country with very moderate winds and below average rainfall for the west. The week ahead looks more unsettled from Wednesday night onwards with above average rainfall returning.

A total reported catch this week of one hundred and fifty-nine salmon with one hundred and forty taken and nineteen released.

Moy Fishery

The first salmon of the year was caught on the Ridge Pool on Thursday 6th June with a total catch for the Ridge Pool of five salmon with two taken and three released.  Weights ranged from 2.5 lbs to 8.5 lbs.

Brendan Garland with the first salmon of the year on the Ridge Pool
Closely followed by Peter Wadding with the second off the Ridge. Both fish were caught on the fly and released back to the water

The Weir Pool also had its first of the year this week with three salmon in total being caught, two of which were taken, and one released with weights up to 5 lbs.

The angling boat is now available on the Lower Beat which comprises of Polnamonagh, Spring Wells and Ash Tree Pool. Permits can be secured by contacting the Moy Fishery office at +353 (0)96 21332 or by email at [email protected]

Ballina Salmon Anglers

A total of twenty-eight salmon reported caught and taken this week with nineteen on the worm and nine spinning. The majority were grilse from 2.5 lbs with only two salmon hitting the 7 lbs and 8 lbs mark.

Paul Rowe with a salmon weighing just over 8 lbs caught spinning on Ballina Salmon Anglers’ waters

Mount Falcon Estate

One salmon caught and taken on the fly weighing over 12 lbs.

Knockmore Salmon Anglers

Kenneth reported of four salmon caught and taken this week on the worm and bubble and fly with the best weighing in at 10.5 lbs.

Attymass Angling Club

Kevin reported of two salmon caught and taken on the worm this week with both weighing in over 8 lbs.

Coolcronan Fishery

Nick reported of one salmon caught and taken on the prawn weighing 10 lbs.

Byrnes Fishery

Roy reported of four salmon caught and taken on the worm and spinner this week weighing from 3 lbs up to 7 lbs.

Gannon’s Fishery

Pat reported eleven salmon caught and taken with weights up to 10 lbs with the spinner working best this week.

The Foxford Fishery

Granville reported of a much-improved week with thirty-three salmon caught. Twenty-eight of which were taken with five being released safely back to the water. All methods of worm, prawn and spinning working well with best weights up to 13.5lbs.

Reports were received of six salmon caught this week in the Foxford town area using the worm and spinning with the best weighing in at 9 lbs.

A large spring salmon from the single bank on the Foxford Fishery

Foxford Salmon Anglers

Harry reported of a good week of fishing with a total catch of thirty-six salmon caught and taken this week. All were caught using a mixture of spinning, worm and prawn with a wide variety of weights showing.                                                                                                   Cloongee Fishery

A total of eight salmon were reported caught this week with weights ranging from 3 lbs to 12 lbs caught on the fly and bubble and fly. Three of the fish were released back safely to the water and the remaining five taken with the best weighing 12 lbs.

Anglers are reminded to please make a Catch/No Catch return on the form provided with their permit and place in the catch return boxes. Catch/No Catch returns can also be made by email to [email protected]  Juvenile permits are now available for €10 per day throughout the season.

East Mayo Anglers Association

Kathleen reported in with a total catch return of seventeen salmon caught using fly, spinning and worm with weights from 5 lbs to 10.5 lbs with ten taken and seven released.