Dan O’Neill reports on an open day held by Cadence on the famous Careysville Fishery where he, Ray McKeeman and Glenda Powel gave casting demonstrations and Jimmy Tyrell and Owen Trill were tying flies…

For some time now I have been hearing about Careysville House and the fantastic fishing it has to offer. When Glenda rang me to mention that we were holding a Cadence open day at Careysville to say I was excited was an understatement. There were many reasons for my excitement one reason was meeting up with my fellow team members. It’s wonderful being a part of a team, the only thing that can be hard is we don’t get to see each other very much due to the nature of the job. So when we do get together it never seems to last long enough and I find myself driving home somewhat upset. When you are lucky enough to be part of a team in angling your team members become your angling family and you form a special bond with them that only angling can form. You begin to form this bond with the people who take the time to come and learn from these events also. One thing that struck me when I looked around at the event was that it is one big family. You have the Cadence family and the many enthusiasts that come along who we look on as relatives that come to learn and catch up with river acquaintances and make new acquaintances.

The day started with Patrick Devennie welcoming us all to this wonderful location. Patrick told us a little bit about Careysville House and also some of the catches of years past. It was great to listen to Patrick as his love of fishing shone through his words which was very nice to see and made for great listening.

casting demo

James Robbins founder of Cadence spoke also and gave people an insight into how the company started. James also spoke about the Cadence slogan which is “Go fishing, give back”. James, like all of the Cadence team, believes that getting the younger generation involved and interested in angling is of utmost importance. Cadence donate tackle to an organisation that helps kids to get involved in fishing, which is great and I’m very proud to be a part of it.

The day flowed smoothly with demonstrations from Glenda, Ray and myself. Many people had questions about the Cadence fly rods, reels and lines so it was great to be able to speak to them and try the equipment out over grass or water. I always enjoy watching and giving demonstrations. Watching people like Glenda and Ray make it look very easy is always something I admire. Their way of teaching is also something I respect, it’s next level and I leave realising I have an awful lot to learn which I enjoy as they keep my journey alive. I am very lucky to have such people in my angling circle.

casting demo

There was a beautiful smell of smouldering wood coming from the angling hut chimney during the morning, but something began overpowering it at around lunchtime. Looking in the window I could see a steaming pot just about full to the top of what I now know as the finest stew I have ever had, to top it off it was in the most beautiful setting I have ever had such a stew in. (Thank God my wife doesn’t read these reports or I would be making my own dinners for the foreseeable).

While having the stew I sat in a quiet corner to reflect on the day and take in the moment. I watched George McGrath speak our native language to the lady from Careysville who spoke fluently back to him. Jimmy Tyrell and Owen Trill were tying flies, giving tips in between spoonfuls of the wonderful stew. Their passion for fly tying is infectious as is their willingness to share with people their secrets that they built up from years of hard work. Taking hours and hours to perfect something then be able to teach it to a newcomer in minutes is very special and a trait both Jimmy and Owen mastered.

fly tying

Glenda and Ray answered many questions giving tips as they also had their lunch. Listening to the way they answered the questions was interesting as they gave the knowledge and answer in simple terms, so it made sense and was easy to absorb. Again, their knowledge is vast and built up over years and years of hard work, yet they can teach it in minutes.

I answered some questions to but am very much asking my own questions still and haven’t earned the right just yet to be in the same sentence as my other team members but will get there. I am lucky enough to have them on hand to answer my many questions which I see as a gift that keeps on giving.

Although, would it really be an event without the odd bit of comedy from Mr. Noel Fitzmaurice who I see as the binding gel to any of the events I have been at with Glenda and Cadence. Noel’s quick, well timed one liners really keep the atmosphere light and fun which I feel also contributes to people being able to absorb information.

Dan and Glenda

As the event came near the end it was evident that nobody wanted to say the dreaded “goodbye” that would draw a line under the day and we just were not ready. However, as the saying goes all good things must come to an end and it was that time. I sat with the team for a short while and wished them the best and that they stay safe on their travels. I then reluctantly turned the car key and began my journey home drawing a line under a superb day with exceptional anglers. Thank you to all who came along and I wish you a safe season. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

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