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Decent week for sea trout anglers on Moy Estuary

The Moy Estuary

Judd Ruane of Fishing Ireland reported of a decent week on Pegasus with Harry Feeney and friends enjoying two reasonably calm days with a return of 22 sea trout while Eric Logan and a friend had one tagged sea trout.

Richard Fowler and his group had a return of 5 sea trout on their outing. Steve Warnock and Michael Smith and their groups had returns of 5 and 4 sea trout respectively while at all times all anglers observed the 3 bag limit.

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Pegasus II

Quicksilver 640 Yamaha 120hp
Skipper: Judd Ruane
Licence: 1555
Base: Ballina Operational area: Ballina
Quay and Moy Estuary.

Notes: The angling boat Pegasus is equipped with the
latest technology, fishing tackle and safety equipment. Licenced for a
maximum of 4 rods skipper Judd Ruane specialises in catching sea trout
on the beautiful Moy Estuary. Daily charter departs Ballina Quay and booking
is essential. A salmon licence is required.

Address: Creggs Road, Ballina, Co. Mayo.
Telephone: + 353 (0)87673 6969 and +353 (0) 96 22183
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.fishingireland.ie