His recent chat with Mike Ladle on the Lure Fishing Podcast inspired Cormac Walsh to get back to basics this past week and it paid off as Cormac managed to land his first bass of the 2024 season.

Mike has been catching bass for over fifty years and in that time he has forgotten more about bass fishing than most of us will ever know. One thing that he didn’t forget is that bass can be more active as the light changes at dawn and dusk. With this fresh in Cormac’s mind, as well as remembering other basics like knowing that bass like to feed close to the shore and that in colder parts of the year a slow moving lure will catch more fish, he headed for the coast and put these three rules of thumb to the test. Conditions were pretty good for a February evening, it was mild and the water was fairly clear, with a temperature of 8.6°C.

And so, as the light began to fade, and as Cormac slowly worked his IMA Sasuke lure close to the shore, he had a take – the first of 2024. Not a monster, at 3lbs or so, but a first bass of the season regardless of size.

A good lesson that, with a little bit of thought and good application of the basics, fish can be caught when the odds are seemingly against it.

Please fish in a sustainable manner