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Dave Rigden wins National Mullet Club Irish Shield

Jim Murray, National Mullet Club, was on to let us know that the Irish Shield for the best mullet caught by a club member in Ireland was awarded to Dave Rigden. Dave is no stranger to the Irish anglers and is especially well known in West Cork with his very popular Sheepshead Fishing Blog. Dave has this on his special catch:

I caught the trophy-winning fish in mid-October. I was on a six-day mullet fishing break with Dave Matthews, an old friend from England. We were both fishing a shallow, fast-flowing swim, Dave from one side and me from the other, and we’d both had a number of 2lb and 3lb mullet by mid-afternoon.

Dave Rigden and his 6lb 3oz mullet – winner of the Irish Shield

As the tide started to creep up, threatening to force me off my swim, I contacted some bigger fish. In quick succession I lost one in a snag, pulled out of another trying to bully it away from the same snag, then was lucky enough to land the 6:03 after a very lively scrap.



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The National Mullet Club was founded in 1975, the Club continues to promote the sporting capture of our three mullet species, and is underpinned by a strong conservation ethos.

Just some of the benefits of membership:

  • Two quality “Grey Ghost” magazines per year
  • Four newsletters
  • Exchange information and learn from other Club members in the UK & Ireland
  • Meet up at fish-ins organised by members with specific location knowledge
  • Access the huge online archive of over 1,000 articles, available to members via the website

Sheepshead Fishing Blog is updated monthly to include a round up of all Dave’s angling adventures.

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