Jim Clohessy of Topfisher.eu has been watching for a weather window to get out on the water for the first expedition of 2024 and that winter window came on Tuesday, Jan 16th. Jim reports on the day’s events below:

We were watching for window and we got a right old winter window today. I was expecting a cold start – we got -6°C first thing. Luckily there was no wind, so the cold was not really biting – although I had to take the heat gun out to thaw the hitch lock, that was a first for me!

Back on the water

We launched at Paddy’s Point and headed offshore in the best hope of some action on the lures – which we got straight away with pollack from our first drift. Conditions were fine and the sun even shone from time to time to take the sting from the cold. Most drifts we had at least a pair of fish and they were good sized 6-8lb fish for the most part.

We moved from reef to reef in the hope of hitting a few bonus cod, but unfortunately there wasn’t a sniff this trip. We landed back and set about filleting a few fish. It was -2°C by the time we towed back to base.

Great day on the water. Cold for the most part, but great nonetheless!

Heading home

Sea angling in Cork Harbour