The Oxford English Dictionary defines a ‘Guru’ as an influential teacher or a mentor, so I have no doubt that ex fishing guide and salt water fly fishing expert Jim Hendrick fits very well into this category in relation to bass fishing. His depth of knowledge and experience in this area, accumulated over many years by ‘doing’ are simply extensive.

Fly caught bass
The reward, a fly caught Wexford bass.

Fishing for bass from boyhood Jim has worked his way through the ups and downs of bass fishing both personally and professionally. I have been lucky to share many adventures with him during his guiding years roughly 10 to 12 years or so from 2003 to 2015. On one such outing with a party of French journalists back in 2003/4 Jim delivered an astounding catch of circa fifty bass to 7lbs and 70 pollack to 8lbs for the group. All returned safely to the water. That was then !

Always operating quietly under the radar during this period, Jim put over three hundred bass angler’s form France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, the UK, Denmark and the USA through his hands, delivering angling adventures and experiences that will live in the memories of his clients for the rest of their lives. A good number of Jims guests became repeat clients with some returning annually and even biannually to him.

Angler walking to the water.
Heading out to the vast Irish coastline

The benefits to the local businesses and restaurants throughout the region cannot be underestimated or understated and are badly missed since the closure of his guiding business.

When Jim stopped guiding in 2015, he thankfully continued to share his knowledge and experiences with anglers through his Salt Water Fly Fishing workshops. Demand has always outstripped supply for these events, and the good news is that in 2024 Jim is back delivering his much-loved Salt Water Fly Fishing workshops.

2014 workshop
The class of 2014, a great event. The new workshops will have a new format.

Jim will be hosting a series of 10 workshops that are being offered between May and October 2024. In addition to having hands on experience as a professional guide, Jim is an avid angling writer, blogger and photographer. He also has a BSc degree in Tourism Enterprise Management from WIT.

Catch and release, a step towards sustainable angling
Catch and release, a step towards sustainable angling

Please see below for Jims’s introduction to what you can expect ! And you have been warned, so book early to avoid disappointment, these will sell out fast so don’t miss out!

Through his workshops, Jim invites you to “Discover a new world of how bass fishing on the fly can become a uniquely challenging and satisfying coastal adventure for you.

Salt Water Fly Fishing, Ireland
Jim Hendrick in action on the Irish coastline where he is totally at home.

Learn and understand fish behaviour under many different locations in different circumstances and most importantly how best to rig, cast and retrieve your fly (or not) to make the most of your opportunities.

Bass flyUnravel the mysteries of fly fishing in wind and waves, drift, strip, pop, when and where……after ten years of International guiding for bass on the fly from the shore and boat the opportunity to share that accumulated knowledge is now fully available to you”

Full details of the upcoming Salt Water Fly Fishing Workshops can be found at

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