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Leinster anglers endure slim pickings at Kilcoole


South Shore SAC reports that the writing was on the wall, or should I say water, when anglers arrived at Kilcoole to fish the third round of the Leinster League to find the sea with a bit of a green tinge to it. This is usually a negative sign on the east coast, and unfortunately that’s exactly how it played out. Fish were very scarce on the ground, and the unremarkable catches were saved from being truly mundane by Gavin Fogarty’s fantastic 39cm plaice.

Super plaice for Gavin Fogarty

But it was Gavin’s brother Ciaran who fared better on the night, finishing top of Zone A on the night, a result which won him the Leinster Spring League. But the bigger bags on the night came from Zone B, where Eamon Bermingham topped the standings with 4 fish, winning him the overall prize on the night, and he was closely followed by Dave Coleman, also on 4 fish.

The finishing scores