Alby Allan from South Shore SAC reports on their latest event, fished at the weekend…

The popular Roney Point was the venue for the latest leg of the Southshore Master Angler. A small tide and “summerish” weather greeted anglers onto the beach & an oily calm surface looked good for the various types of shark that had been showing up recently.

the storm approaches

A selection of crab, fish & worm baits were sent seaward in anticipation! Not 10 minutes into the match, the ominous sky opened with ferocity and a biblical downpour with a laser light show to match unleashed itself mercilessly on the beach! The only unfortunate event while anglers hid in their shelters was for Smoothound Specialist Thomas Keogh where his rod buried over and he had to emerge into the maelstrom where he gleefully landed a 93cm hound!


93cm smoothhound
93cm smoothhound

There was a decent number of fish showing with smoothies, whiting, flats & dogs all being landed. Unfortunately due to the odd downpour we don’t have many photos! Zone A was performing well with Gavin Fogarty & the ever improving Ramunas Butkas landing plenty of fish with Dave Coleman also catching extremely well early doors.

Zone B was fishing well also with Ciaran Fogarty catching a lot of fish, with Ruairi Coleman, John Keane & Gordy Hardman pushing hard to keep pace.

In the final shakeup, Gavin & Ciaran kept it a family affair with a couple of zone wins. Second in Zone A was Ramunas with Dave Coleman finishing third. Zone B saw Ruairi finish second & John Keane taking yet another podium spot.

Pools were taken by Thomas’s 93cm Smoothie & Jarek Podoba’s 26 cm flounder.

Ruairi Coleman had drawn the golden peg which now has rolled on a number of occasions and is several hundred euros……THERE WAS DRAMA……Ruairi hooked into a tope and patiently & expertly played it right into the beach until the unfortunate & inevitable bite off occurred. So close but yet so far! There was a few other close calls with larger toothy critters again – brilliant to see them showing on the beaches!
Alby Allan
South Shore SAC

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Report and photographs courtesy of South Shore Sea Angling Club