It’s a quiet time of year for many, with the recent storms not making for great angling conditions. For many sea anglers, now is a good time to plan a few summer trips, check out new marks, and restock the tackle boxes with plenty of traces.

But how do we find new marks? What things should we look for to find a good spot, where we can reasonably expect to catch fish. We recently featured a trip by Cork angler, Kevin McGowan, who did a lot of research on deep water marks close to shore, and it paid off the rare catch of a blonde ray from the shore. A case of the hard work really being rewarded.

Well, it might be an old video, but James Raymond from Irish Angling Adventures has given us a blueprint to use when researching new shore marks.

In this video, James takes us through the mapping, aerial imagery and marine chart websites he uses to identify good fishing locations, that possibly no one has fished before.

Any sea anglers looking to expand their fishing, this is the video to watch. Check it out here, or on Youtube here


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Well done James, and we look forward to seeing more sea angling content soon!