Wind or rain Dan O’Neill reports from the King’s River…

Don’t mention the weather! When writing this I had firmly set that in my mind. However, I couldn’t help mentioning it as it’s all I can hear hitting the window as I write. I remember when I was Anthony’s age the trees would be bent and rain hammering down and I would try to convince my dad it was clearing, or we could find a sheltered area. I am reminded of Dougal on father ted when he looks out the window and says that very familiar phrase “Looks like rain Ted”.

This week I was lucky enough to have a couple of casts for trout on the King’s River, most of my fishing was done on the lakes or canals though, not that I am complaining. I did have a man from the Bahamas ironically given the conditions we are currently having. His stories of bonefish and permit were exactly what I needed as I wiped rain droplets from my glasses and face. Scott wanted to brush up on his casting before an upcoming trip for Tarpon so off we went to the lake for some practice and storytelling.

Getting in some practise
Getting in some practise

My time on the Kings this week was short but I did manage some trout on streamers. I have been tying some of my own creations the past week so was happy that I got a couple of trout on them. It’s always nice to tie your own and pick up some trout. The Woolly Bugger was my starting pattern and then a few Zonker patterns after that. I have been watching a lot of Kelly Gallup tying streamers on YouTube but decided to stick to two patterns for now try to improve and then move on to something a little more “complicated”.


Trout on a streamer

Trial and error is a big part of fishing and I think an interesting part. I remember when I was young we had the famous PVC green fishing box. If what you wanted wasn’t in that then you improvised or made do. There were of coarse tackle shops where less tackle than nowadays was available, but pocket money didn’t stretch that far at the best of times. During  the days where you got presents at birthdays and Christmas and didn’t mind waiting on either day to come to get your new rod, reel or equipment, of course one or the other. I remember looking for specific shaped stones to use as weights then making something up in the shed to get it ready for the job. I find it great that fishing has its own space in your mind and all the memories on your journey are as clear as the day you made them. I am very mindful of this with Anthony and every now and again hide the leads or floats to see how he gets on, I have seen him use bits of sticks for margin fishing for small roach and Rudd, stripping back a rook tail feather making a small hole in the bottom and making a very good float, using a pellet bander to band small stones for leads. If it works, it works.

Casting clinic this weekend

I have a full range of fly-fishing courses available and casting clinics. There are 2 places free this Saturday on my casting clinic. On the course we will cover different aspects of casting like line maintenance, leader construction, rod and reel care as well as casting of course. If you contact me on the below details I will send on the course information.

Irish Spring Angling Fair

It’s getting very close to the Ardaire Springs Irish Spring Angling Fair (4 and 5 May), and the line-up is superb. Each and every person I have seen on the line up has a wealth of knowledge and is not afraid to share hints and tips. Also, this year there is once again the kiddies casting and fly tying, a super event and proved very successful last year. I look forward to seeing you all there and stop by to say hello.

Go fishing…

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