Dan O’Neill reports on his weekend…

I felt very lucky this weekend as I got to move along a bit on my angling journey and even got a few casts in.

My first stop this weekend was to meet Glenda Powell to take part in one of her Spey courses. An opportunity not to be missed. Watching how the course was conducted was very special. As an instructor I tend to look beyond the casting aspect of a course. It can be very daunting for some people to stand beside a casting instructor and cast. I get that fear I had in school when people would take turns reading then suddenly the person beside me starts reading meaning I’m next in the spotlight, rabbit in headlights moment. Somehow Glenda could make this disappear and it was more like being at home or on the river with a client and me showing them a particular cast. It’s an amazing trait to have, having such a vast knowledge but hiding it from the client which puts them at ease, and they absorb far more this way. Then of course there was the casting. It was artful the way the casts were presented. We had some lovely venison stew that Glenda made for lunch with some apple tart (Thanks Noel). It doesn’t get much better than looking at the Blackwater with superb company and having venison stew with apple tart for dessert, mother nature even sent the sunshine.

The other side of my weekend was wet fly fishing on the River Nore. It was great to get down and have a cast, plenty of fish in the eddies and along the bank where the current was deflected slightly by an upstream obstacle creating strips of slower water a few feet from the bank. I had been waiting to get out wet fly fishing with the 10ft 5wt since the beginning of the season. I began casting at the head of the Georges wall run and worked my way down. There were some fish sipping along the eddies and bank so edged my fly closer and closer until the line went tight and I had trout number one. I switched the flies about a bit as I had tied up quite a few over the winter. A hatch of olives came on enticing some trout to the surface which was a very welcome sight.

Anthony will be on the river soon with the wet flies, he is practicing most evenings. I go to grab my fly rod and see its gone, I then see a loop of fly line pass the window indicating I wasn’t quick enough for practice today.

I sat down on the river’s edge for a short while having a cup of tea to take in my surroundings, it certainly helps to put things in perspective. The river and wildlife have helped to solve many issues, and obstacles overcome. It comes back to my time with Glenda on the Blackwater, I looked beyond the casting to help me become a better instructor and to look at things from a different angle which exactly what I had done here. I stopped and looked beyond the fishing to see things from a different angle.

The Spring Angling Fair is quite close now and like I mentioned the lineup is superb. If you’re looking for some information, tips or tricks the quantity of knowledge that will be at the show is vast. I will be there with APGAI, Cadence and giving a demo on fly fishing for carp. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.


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