Paddy Dunworth of Celtic Angling reports from the Maigue:

15 June: Weather for the Swans – I met Kayla and Keith Bassett at Adare this morning for an Intro to Flyfishing session on the Maigue. We started at 8.30am to get a few hours in before the fast-rising tide hunted us off it around noon. Kayla and Keith are Limerick based, Keith hails from Oregon and Kayla is originally from Belize where I’m sure she was used to far better weather than what greeted us. The rain you could forgive, along with the 25km wind, but the cool temperature is not what you expect in mid June.

Both anglers were totally new to fly-fishing. They braved the elements and were rewarded with a couple of fish. It’s difficult enough to introduce folk to fly-fishing in such a short time, but to do so in such inclement conditions is a tribute to their enthusiasm and good nature. They’re loving Ireland and all it’s outdoors has to offer so I hope to see them back again on a more favourable day. Fish released carefully, apologies for photo quality, I need wipers on my camera lens.

Go fishing…

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Swans and cygnets on the Maigue
Swans and cygnets on the Maigue