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Aquastar 38′. Perkins Sabre 350 HP
Skipper: John O’Connor
Licence: 785
Base: Dunmore East Operational area: 30
miles out from Dunmore East.

Notes: Wreck, Reef & Shark Angling, Diving, Scenic & evening trips, Rod hire & tackel sales, Tuition free. Bass, Coalfish, Cod, Conger, Dab, Flounder, Garfish, Gurnards, Haddock, Ling, Pollack, Pouting, Scad, Blue Shark, Ballan Wrasse, Cuckoo Wrasse and many more. This part of the Irish Coast has a large number of wrecks which are within an hour of Dunmore East.

Address: Dunmore East Angling Centre, Fairy Bush House, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford.
Telephone: +353 51 383397 or +353 87 2682794 Fax: +353 51 383397
Email: workboat@eircom.net Web: www.dunmoreangling.ie

St. Michael

Interceptor 33′. 300 Ford Mermaid
Skipper: Angus Ritchie
Licence: 867
Base: Dunmore East Operational Area: Within a 30 miles radius of Waterford, Dunmore East, Kilmore Quay, Dungarvan (Helvick). This vessel may operate during the hours of darkness.

Notes: Sails from Dunmore East.

Address: 17 The Brook, Grantstown Park, Dunmore, Waterford.
Telephone: +353 51 304188 or +353 87 2576191 Fax:
+353 51 304188
Email: stmichaelscharters@eircom.net

Keltoi Warrior

Interceptor 38. 420 HP
Skipper: Brendan Glody
Licence: 947
Base: Dunmore East Operational area: 30
miles out of Waterford Harbour and Dunmore East.

Notes: We’re where the Atlantic Ocean is host to a wealth
of sea-life, due to the beneficial flow of the ” North Atlantic Drift
” otherwise known as the “Gulf Stream ” which warms our waters
and brings with it many species normally found in more tropical climates.
We offer you Wreck fishing, Reef/Bank fishing, Shark fishing, Specimen hunting
andBass angling.

Address: Seabreeze, Dunmore East, Co Waterford

Telephone: +353 (0)51 383520 Moblie: +353 (0)87
6369164 or +353 (0)87 260 8917

Email : DeepSeaChartersDunmoreEast@gmail.com
Web: www.DeepSeaChartersDunmoreEast.com

Hanna K

Offshore 105. 320 HP Iveco
Skipper: Michael Fahey, Pat Wade
Licence: 984
Base: Dungarvan Operational area: Dungarvan

Notes: Specialises in wreck, reef
and shark fishing. Also accommodates diving charters.

Address: 13 Keating Street, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.
Telephone: +353 58 46577 or +353 87 6897600
or +353 86 8191074(Pat Wade)
Email: info@ardmorediving.com


Lochin 33 Volvo penta TAMD 70E 308hp
Skipper: Morris McGrath
Licence: P5 Licence
Base: Dungarvan Operational area: Down
the Coppercoast or west to Ardmore

Notes: Blue Shark Fishing can be very productive off Dungarvan and we’ve had some great successes in recent years. Rough ground drifting off Mine Head and Ardmore
Bay areas, where Cod, ling, conger, pollack, coalie, gurnard, pouting
are regular visitors to the surface.
Wreck Fishing on one of the many WW1 wrecks located within a 14mile radius
of Helvick Head, where large ling and conger are had, amongst an often
other abundance of large wreck whiting, cod and pollack.
Bass fishing has proven quite popular and productive in the Dungarvan
Bay Area in recent years and is provided for on request. Many varying
fishing techniques prove productive.
Mackerel Trips are undertaken in the summer months when the shoals are
abundant. Uptiding in Dungarvan Bay for Bass, thornback, lesser spotted
dogfish and bullhuss is also productive.

Address: Dungarvan Bay Charterboats, Western Bay, Dungarvan,
Co. Waterford.
Telephone: Morris McGrath (skipper) Mobile: 086 8177829.
International: +353-86-8177829 or Jack Keating Mobile: 087-6599634. International:

Email: jkeating@cablesurf.com

Web: www.dungarvanbaycharterboats.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dungarvancharterboats


Offshore 105 35ft FPT IVECO 450HP
Skipper: David Hehir & Patrick Hehir
Licence: 121 Expiry 2020 (P5 Licence)
Base: Dungarvan Operational area: Within a 30 mile radius of Dungarvan (This vessel is permitted to operate during the hours of darkness also)

Authorised bluefin tuna boat

Notes: We offer deep sea angling for species such as Cod, Pollack, Ling, Whiting and much more. Mackeral trips, Sightseeing, Dolphin and Whale Watching trips. You can also get the opportunity to go big with game fishing for shark. Small and large groups catered for. Rod an Tackle hire available upon request.

Address: Dungarvan Offshore Charters, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.
Telephone: +353 (0)87 6117658, +353 (0)87 2556634
Email: dungarvanoffshorecharters@gmail.com

FB: www.facebook.com/dungarvanoffshorecharters