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    Coarse Fish in Ireland


    Irish coarse species are amongst the best and healthiest that you can fish for. They are always in excellent condition and by using the correct methods you can ensure big bags are just a few casts away. Ireland has fishing to suit the recreational angler, the specimen hunter, the specialist angler and the match man.

    This guide will indicate those special places where that match winning weight, specimen fish or catch of a lifetime may be found. Ireland’s top coarse angling species include, roach, bream, hybrids and tench, which are complimented by rudd, carp and dace. A brief summary of each species of fish and where they can be found is outlined on the following pages.

    This section of the website gives a flavour of what awaits the coarse angler in Ireland, what they can expect to catch and how to go about it. Of course we also have gudgeon, stoneloach and minnow but these are seldom targeted deliberately.