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    Coarse angling around Drumconrath



    Drumconrath village in County Meath is surrounded by a number of small to medium sized lakes and is only a short journey from many of the other angling centres mentioned above. Lakes in this area include Corstown Lake, Ballyho Lakes 1 and 2, Mentrim Lakes, Bracken Lake and Balrath Lake.

    Mentrim lakes are situated on the Ardee – Kells road (N52) approximately 6.5kms from Ardee, Co. Louth. The lakes are signposted and are located on the left-hand side of the road as you drive towards Kells. Turn left at the signpost and access is by way of a signposted laneway. You will find good car parking facilities at the bottom of this lane. The bigger lake that covers approximately 4 hectares has been developed to a high standard and there are a number of fishing stands located on the eastern and western shores and generally bankside access is good. This lake is quite deep with depths to 5m. with the southern end of the lake being the shallowest. The lake holds good stocks of bream, roach, rudd, hybrids, tench , perch, pike and eels with bream and hybrids to specimen size, ( 7.5lbs and 3lbs respectively ). Feeder and slider methods can produce good results from this venue.

    Corstown Lake: Leaving Drumconrath on the R165 to Kingscourt turn right for Carrickmacross at the top of the town. Corstown is located approximately 1.25kms outside Drumconrath on the right side of the road. The lake is sign posted and a small roadway of 1km takes you to the lakeshore where you will find good parking for you vehicle. This lake covers an area of 12 hectares and has been developed to a very high standard with fishing stands provided on the northern, southern and eastern shorelines. This lake has depths to 8.5m with the deepest area located in the northeastern quadrant. The lake holds good stocks of bream: some to specimen size, roach, hybrids, perch, pike and eels.

    Balrath Lake is located on the Drumconrath – Carrickmacross road, turn right after approximately 3kms and the lake is situated on the right hand side of the road about 2kms further down this road. Parking in this area is very poor so please take care. This lake covers an area of about 1-hectare with depths to 3.5m. Balrath holds reasonable stocks of small fish including, bream, roach, rudd, hybrids, pike and perch.

    The Ballyhoe Lakes are also located on the Drumconrath-Carrickmacross road about 7.5kms from Drumconrath, turn left at the cross guns just before crossing the Lagan River. Approximately 1km further on the right hand side access to the lakes can be made down a small laneway through a gate, which takes you right to the shore of Ballyhoe 1. Parking is excellent and there is about 120m of open shoreline on the eastern side of the lake from which to fish. The remainder of the lake shoreline is heavily reed fringed. This lake covers approximately 11 hectares with depths to 3.5m to 4m. with the deepest area just south of centre. This lake can be weeded in summer so float methods can produce the best results. Feeder methods work well earlier in the season. This lake holds good stocks of bream, roach, rudd, hybrids, perch, pike, tench and eels. Bream, tench and hybrids to specimen size can be expected. Ballyhoe 2 can also be accessed from this point however the swims are limited and better access is from the opposite shoreline. This lake is also very heavily reeded around the fringes but similar results can be expected to Ballyhoe 1. This lake covers an area of 16 hectares with depths to 8m. The deepest area is in the N.E. quadrant with less depth in the S.W. corner. The Lagan River that flows from Ballyhoe 2 also holds good stocks of coarse fish.

    Bracken Lake

    Braken Lake is located near the village of Drumconrath, Co. Meath. Turn right from the N52 coming from the Ardee on to the R165. Take a left-hand turn on entering the village then turn right approximately .25km outside the village. Proceed for about 1.5kms. Bracken Lake is located on the left-hand side of the road down a small laneway, which is signposted. You will find excellent car parking facilities there. Although primarily a game fishery it holds good stocks of bream, roach, rudd, hybrids perch and eels. This lake also holds some very big pike and several fish over 30lbs are taken annually. Stands stiles and footbridges are all in place on this water to facilitate access. The deeper swims are located on the northern and eastern shorelines.