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    Fishing with Cedric, Phil had this pike on an old firetiger lure

    In Ireland, there are many stories and legends of great Irish pike including pike of 92 and 90 lbs (42 & 41 Kg.). reportedly captured in the late 1800’s on Lough Derg and on the River Shannon at Meelick. In 1920, the one time Irish record pike of 53 lbs. (24 Kg.) was taken on Lough Conn and this fish was also a European record for many years. Due to the strict criteria currently laid down in relation to the capture of record and specimen fish in Ireland, this record fish was removed from the list in the early 1970’s. Many angling books written about pike fishing in Europe always contain a chapter or two extolling the virtues of Irish pike fishing with a recommendation that “a visit here is a necessity to sample some of the best pike fishing in Europe”.

    The official rod-caught records for Irish pike are 42 lbs. 12 ozs. (19.39 Kg.) for a lough fish, and 42 lbs. (19.05 Kg.) for a river fish. Irish pike generally grow faster and mature earlier than their European counterparts due to the excellent habitat and the quantity and quality of fodder fish. In some good rich Irish waters pike in Ireland can reach 20 lbs. (9.072 Kg.) in their 5th year and 30 lbs. (13.608 Kg.) in their 7th year.