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    Where to Fish – The Great Pike Waters of Ireland

    What a fish! Peter Sheridan 31lbs pike

    Ireland’s best pike fisheries regularly produce pike over 20 lbs (9.072 Kg.) and several over 30 lbs. (13.60 Kg.) annually. Some of these specimens are not always recorded by the Irish Specimen Fish Committee. Other good pike fisheries are listed below produce many double figure fish with the occasional fish over 20 lbs. (9.072 Kg.) recorded annually. The angling centres with the individual pike fisheries in the various regions are listed below.

    There are hundreds of other smaller pike fisheries in easily reached locations near the coarse and pike angling accommodation centres. These regularly provide good sport with many pike over 10 lbs. (4.54 Kg) recorded every year.

    Pike fishing in Ireland is generally free except for a few fisheries. Where permits are required, these fisheries are listed below in the Fisheries Profile. Anglers fishing in a new area of Ireland are advised to purchase a relevant Discovery Series Map (produced by the Ordnance Survey of Ireland – 1 cm = 1 Kilometre) of the area they intend to fish. They cost approx €6. These maps show the many small roads and access points around fisheries.

    Inland Fisheries Ireland also produces some maps showing access points and narrative on many of our finest pike waters. Contact the relevant IFI office or download from the following list:


    IFI produce a series of coarse and pike angling maps for most of the angling centres in Ireland. Copies of these maps can be sent out by mail.