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    The River Fane

    Fishy Looking Water on the River Fane


    The River Fane is Catch & release for 2024.

    • Salmon and Sea trout 1st March to October 12th.
    • It is prohibited to use any fish hooks, other than single or double barbless hooks
    • It is prohibited to use worms as bait in angling for all species of fish

    The headwaters of the River Fane comprise of a series of small tributaries, which rise in Counties Monaghan and Armagh. These include the Frankfort and the Mullaghaduff Rivers and they flow into Lough Muckno at Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan. Between Lough Muckno and Lough Ross the river is known as the Clarebane River, which is deep and slow flowing.

    The Fane, originates from Lough Ross which straddles the border between Monaghan and Armagh. In total, the Fane flows in a S.E. direction for 60 kilometers before entering the Irish sea at the sea-side village of Blackrock, Co. Louth.

    The best of the salmon fishing takes place in its middle to upper reaches from just below Stephenstown Bridge to Iniskeen in Co. Monaghan.

    The Fane gets a small run of salmon and sea trout with salmon averaging 8lbs to 10lbs in weight and sea trout averaging around the 1lb. Of course bigger fish can be taken.

    Sea-trout fishing can be good from the end of May and around McKenna’s Bridge is a favourite stretch.

    The main run of salmon arrives to the Fane late in the season and the best fishing generally takes place in September and October. However, occasional fish can be taken from July onwards.

    Salmon fishing can be dependent on water levels and floods can clear reasonably quickly.

    Riparian owners and a number of Angling Associations, some of which have day permits available, control fishing.

    Salmon fishing on the River Fane
    Salmon fishing on the River Fane

    Location: Co. Louth, Monaghan and Co. Armagh. The main towns and villages are Dundalk, Blackrock, Knockbridge and Iniskeen.

    Season: Salmon and Sea trout 1st March to October 12th.

    Fish Species: The River Fane gets a run of salmon and sea trout.

    Fishing Methods:  Fishing is subject to the rules and regulations of the club and the salmon and sea trout angling regulations. Please familiarise yourself with the regulations before fishing. You will find al of the information that you need at the following link Salmon Angling Regulations 2022

    • It is prohibited to use any fish hooks, other than single or double barbless hooks
    • It is prohibited to use worms as bait in angling for all species of fish

    Angling Tip: Many of the well known pools are heavily fished so the pools upstream of Iniskeen can produce salmon after a flood.


    (1) Railway Pool (2) Boiling Pool (3) Garden Pool (4) Craigs Pool (5) Mill Pool (6) Joes Pool (7) Fitzgeralds Pool (8) Swingbridge Pool (9)Hall Pool (10)Narrow Neck Pool (11) Turn Hole (12)Duffys Pool (13) Mill Pool (14)Peppers Wall (15) Mulhollands Pool (16) The Splink  (17)Kearneys


    Map of river FaneAngling Clubs

    Dundalk Salmon Anglers control a large section of water with the majority of angling being mainly for salmon and sea trout. Further information on this Association can be obtained from

    The Dundalk Salmon Anglers’
    Secretary, Mr. Warren Corry.
    [email protected]
    Webite: https://dundalksalmonanglers.weebly.com/ or Follow on Facebook

    Ballintra Fishery: This club controls the Ballintra fishery below Iniskeen, but it is strictly private and no day permits are available.

    Dundalk Brown Trout Anglers also control waters on the Fane and further information on the club is available below

    Dundalk Brown Trout Anglers
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.browntroutanglers.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/337060030417314/

    The Village Anglers in Iniskeen also control stretches of water on the Fane.
    Permits for the Village Anglers and further information can be obtained from:

    Contact: Paddy Keenan,
    Telephone: +353 87 2746755
    Email: [email protected]

    Guide Services: For details of guided fishing on the Fane and fly casting tuition please contact

    Eamonn Conway, APGAI, Ireland
    Telephone: +353 86 1242966
    Email: [email protected]  and [email protected]
    Webite: www.tainflyfishing.com

    Matt Campbell,
    Telephone: +353 87 6757550

    Paddy Keenan,
    Address: Mill Pond House, Iniskeen, Co. Monaghan.
    Telephone: +353 87 2746755
    Email: [email protected]

    Local tackle dealers

    Permits: Day permits are available from the clubs listed above. Details of outlets may be found on the clubs websites.

    Other salmon and sea trout waters in this area


    Further Information

    For further information please contact,
    David Byrne, Inland Fisheries Ireland,
    Telephone: 00 353 87 9918608
    Email: [email protected]