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    THE RIVER DUFF (or Bunduff)


    THE RIVER DUFF (or Bunduff)

    Catch and Release only for 2018

    The Duff (or Bunduff) flows for 14 miles from the Glenade valley to the sea. It is joined by the Ballanaghtrillick River, which runs out of the Horseshoe Pass. The bottom 3 ½ miles is most fished. This is a prolific little spate river for salmon. The Duff gets a good run of summer salmon and grilse. The fish start to enter the river at the end of May with the peak of the run in July / August. With good water levels it can fish through to the end of September.

    The Duff is a spate river that can fish very well given the right conditions, especially after a freshet. Most anglers choose the deep pool below the falls close to the sea and consequently this pool can become overcrowded. Once a flood has let fish run the falls there is some good fishing available above the falls and also some good water upstream of the main road bridge. Anything between 300 and 500 salmon are caught in a season. The river is open from 8am-9pm.All legitimate methods are allowed but spinning is prohibited in low water.


    Fishing is from Feb. 1st to Sept. 30th inclusive.


    Classiebawn Fishery and Tom Devins of the North Bank Fishery on the river Duff are closed to angling of all forms until further notice. Both fisheries feel that this is an opportunity to aid the enhancement of the salmon numbers escaping to spawn and it will help the future of the river.

    Salmon licences are available from:

    • IFI Ballyshannon, Station road, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal.
    • Land and Sea Sports, West End, Bundoran, Co. Donegal
    • Barret’s Tackle Shop, Main Street, Bundoran, Co. Donegal.