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    The Erne is closed for salmon (and sea trout over 40cm) fishing

    Access Map

    An access map has been prepared by IFI for the Erne estuary. Click on the link below to print a high quality map.

    Erne estuary access map
    [Click here for .pdf of Erne Estuary Access map]

    The Erne estuary is fished primarily for sea trout though there are also salmon, flounder, mullet and the odd mackerel present. Fly-fishing is popular, and successful, as is spinning and freelining sand eel early in the season. The fishable section is from Inis Saimer Island downstream to the sea. Fishing is from the shore or boat. Sea trout up to 5lb+ can be taken, especially early in the season, whilst Finnock are plentiful from June onwards.

    The most successful fly patterns are Parson’s Tom, Baltic Special, Rogan’s Gadget, Falkus Sunk Lure, Needle Eyes, White Marabou and later in the season a Black Marabou. In general any fly that resembles a sand eel (up to 3” long) or in the summer, an immature herring or ‘sprit’ will fish well. Usually an intermediate or sink tip line is required early in the season with a floater most commonly used through the summer. Many fish Bubble and Fly. The most popular spinners are Krill and a Blue and Silver Tasmanian Devil.


    The season for Salmon & Trout is from 1st March to 30th September inclusive.


    The Erne Estuary can be fished by obtaining a €26 Erne special local licence. These are available online at store.fishinginireland.info/product/special-local/

    or from IFI, Station Road, Ballyshannon.
    (071) 9851435.