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    The Lower Bann


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    The Lower Bann

    Ballymoney, Co. Derry & Coleraine, Co. Antrim

    The Lower Bann river, which drains Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland, is one of the most prolific salmon rivers in Ireland.

    The Carnroe beat is one of the premier Salmon angling beats in Ireland. Fish congregate in low water conditions and provide a superb angling opportunity. Carnroe is limited to eight anglers per day and has a 10 year average of over 1,000 per year. It has some excellent fly water as well as areas for spinning and bait fishing. SeasonThe Portna beat is divided into two. The upper beat has fast flowing water, wadeable with caution and fly fishing is the main method. The lower part is slower flowing offering excellent fly water. Culliff Rock beat is a fast flowing stretch of the river where spinning and bait fishing are also allowed. The main run is June to September. Movanagher beat is super fly water and it produces a good number of salmon.


    Lower River Bann beats (except Carnroe): 1st April to 15th October.

    Carnroe beat: 1st May to 15th October.

    Web: hwww.fishpal.com/Ireland/Bann.

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