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    Burrishoole Fishery


    Closed for 2024


    • Salmon: 10 June to 30 September
    • Sea trout: Closed all year
    • Use of any fish hooks, other than single or double barbless hooks is prohibited.
    • Use of worms as bait in angling for all species of fish is prohibited.


    The Burrishoole Fishery is located on the North side of Clew Bay about 6 km northwest of the town of Newport Co. Mayo. It consists of two beautifully scenic lakes, Loughs Furnace and Feeagha (130 ha and 320 ha respectively) and the tidal pools. Lough Feeagh was closed to anglers for a number of year in order to conserve the runs of wild salmon into the system, but has since reopened. Lough Furnace gets a prolific run of grilse, some wild and some originating from a major smolt ranching programme which has been established in Burrishoole for many years.

    The Marine Institute of Ireland has a major fisheries research centre based at Burrishoole and the staff from the research station also run the salmon ranching programme.

    The Burrishoole fishery is comprised of a series of fresh and brackish water loughs, stretching from Bunaveela Lough on the far north of the system to the brackish water Lough Furnace, adjacent to neighbouring Clew Bay.

    • Lough Furnace is the lower Lough on the Burrishoole salmon fishery. Artificial fly and dapping are the only angling methods allowed.
    • Lough Feeagh is a freshwater lake. It may open subject to management approval for day angling only (10am – 6pm). Only 2 boats are permitted on the lake at one time. Only single or double barbless hooks may be used. Replacement fish will not be provided for fish caught and released on Feeagh.
    • The Neck Fishery consists of three short beats: upper, middle and lower Neck, accommodation three anglers. The beats will be fished for a single tide each day (high water to high water). Anglers are advised to come equipped with body waders and a wading staff. Although the water is not deep the bottom is rocky and wading can be difficult. A strong tidal current can develop quickly and anglers are advised to exercise extreme care. The Neck is not suitable for novice anglers or those who find standing for long periods troublesome. Anglers will be limited to a catch of two ranched salmon. Anglers may fish on a catch and release basis for wild salmon until two ranched fish have been killed. Anglers must then stop fishing.


    Salmon: 10 June to 30 September

    Seatrout: closed all year

    If you do want to book or have any enquiries, please contact Pat – Fishery Manager at the contacts below.

    Permission, boat hire & guides

    Pat Hughes, Fishery Manger,
    Marine Institute Salmon Services, Furnace, Newport, Co. Mayo; Tel: +353(0)98 42300 or +353 (0)87 2377078 (mobile)



    email: [email protected]