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    The Moy Estuary

    The Moy Estuary at dawn (photo courtesy of Lonan O'Farrell & Michael Wilson)

    The Moy Estuary comprises a large area of tidal waters. It teems with sea trout which congregate here to feed on the massive stocks of sandeel, sprat and shrimp. Some angling takes place from particular areas on the shore but the most successful, and the most enjoyable method, is to fish as part of a group from one of the charter boats available in the area, There are distinct drifts and tidal conditions which produce the best results and the experienced skippers have an intimate knowledge of these. Spinning or ledgering with sandeel or fresh mackerel strip are favorite methods. In recent years, some anglers have experimented with flies and streamers with considerable success.

    Fishing map for Moy estuary

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