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    River Coomhola

    The Coomhola River in Cork downstream of Coomhola

    Open 2022

    • Salmon, 17th March to 30th September.
    • Sea-trout, 17th March to 12th October.

    This is a very productive little spate river that has a catchment of approximately 26 square miles. It gets a good run of grilse in late June and this continues into late July.

    The Coomhola River is open for salmon and sea trout fishing in 2021. This small but very productive spate river flows for approximately 12 and a half miles before entering Bantry Bay in Co. Cork. The river gets a small run of spring salmon early in the season and this is complemented by a much larger run of grilse in June and July. The river also gets a modest run of sea trout. Fresh fish enter the river with every tide in summer. There is also a small run of salmon in autumn.

    Some catch information

    In the third week of August in 2020  total of 27 salmon were reported caught on the Coomhola River.

    Contact Information on the Coomhola River in Cork
    Day permits and weekly permits are available for visiting anglers
    Going to fish

    All angling methods are allowed but fishing must be consistent with the rules and regulations of the Association and the national salmon and sea trout regulations. Please note that club rules can change and the salmon and sea trout regulations are reviewed and renewed annually. Fishing is controlled by the Coomhola Salmon and Trout Anglers Association. A club permit is required to fish club waters. A salmon license is required to fish for salmon and sea trout. This can be purchased online at the following link https://store.fishinginireland.info/


    The Coomhola River is located in the south-west of Ireland in Co. Cork.

    Fish Species

    Salmon and sea trout

    Fishing Club

    The Coomhola Salmon and Trout Anglers Association control fishing on the river and have daily and weekly permits available.

    Contact and permits

    Teddy O’Brien, Coomhola Bridge Shop, Bantry, Co. Cork

    Map of the Coomhola River

    Map of River Coomhola

    1. Snave Bridge
    2. Coomhola Bridge
    The tide pushing up on the Coomhola River in July 2021
    The tide pushing up on the Coomhola River in July 2021