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    River Glengarriff

    The Glengarriff River at Glengarriff in Co. Cork
    The Glengarriff River at Glengarriff in Co. Cork

    Open 2023

    • Salmon, 17th March to 30th September.
    • Sea-trout, 17th March to 12th October.

    This river is a spate river which covers a length of approximately 6 miles. It produces good runs of grilse from late June to late July. It also gets a small run of sea trout. The banks are heavily tree lined which can make fly fishing difficult so spinning is generally the fishing method of choice. There are a number of named pools some of which are big and deep, good holding pools. The best of the fishing is generally after a flood when fish can be found in pools all along the river.

    Going to fish

    Fishing is controlled by the Glengarriff Angling Association and day permits are available through the club. Fishing is subject to the rules and regulations of the club and the national salmon and sea trout regulations. Please familiarize yourself with the regulations before fishing. A salmon license is required when fishing for salmon and sea trout. This can be purchased online at the following link https://store.fishinginireland.info/ 

    Some catch information

    In 2019, 18 salmon were reported caught and 10 of which were released back to the river by anglers. In the third week of August of 2020 twenty one salmon were reported for the week. One great thing about this area is that the Coomhola, Melagh and Owvane rivers are all available with twenty minutes of the Glengarriff.

    The tree lined banks of the Glengarriff River
    The tree lined banks of the Glengarriff River

    The Glengarriff River is located in Irelands’ south-west. The nearest towns and villages are Glengarriff and Bantry.

    Fish Species

    Salmon and Sea Trout

    Fishing Club

    The Glengariff Angling Association control the fishing on this river and a permit is required. Please see the contacts below.


    The Maple Leaf, Glengarriff, Co Cork.

    Map of the Glengarriff River

    Map of River Glengarriff

    1. Glengarriff Bridge

    Glengarriff River Sign