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    The Tides

    The Irish coast experiences two high tides and two low tides in every 24 hour 50 minutes period. ‘Double tides’ are experienced only on the east coast in the Arklow area of South Wicklow and North Wexford. High water at Dublin occurs about 30 minutes before high water at Dover (UK). High water on the south and west coasts of Ireland occurs some 6 hours before Dublin. High water on spring tides at Dublin is at midday and midnight while high tides on springs along the south and west coasts are at 6 am and 6 pm approx. The height of spring tides varies from about 1 metre (3 feet) at Arklow to 5metres (16 feet) at Foynes and Galway.

    Tide tables can be purchased from most tackle shops in coastal towns, ships chandlers or by contacting Dublin Port Company, Port Centre, Alexandra Road , Dublin 1. Email: [email protected]. Website: www.dublinport.ie  Tel. +353 1 887 6000

    Weather Forecasts

    Weather forecasts are contained in all Irish daily newspapers, and marine forecasts can be heard on RTE Radio1 at

    • 06.02hrs. Sea area forecast.
    • 12.53hrs. Land and sea area forecast.
    • 16.55hrs. Sea area forecast
    • 23.55hrs. Land and sea area forecast

    You’ll find RTÉ Radio 1 between 88 and 90 on FM. Comprehensive weather reports are also shown on RTE 1 television at 18.50hrs. 21.25hrs. and 24.00hrs.

    Detailed forecasts can also be found on the Met Eireann website: www.met.ie

    Charter Boat Certification

    It is strongly advised that you confirm with any operators you may wish to use that they fully comply with the safety regulations and standards layed down by the Maritime Safety Services. Furthermore, anglers, when commencing their charter trip, should ask to see relevant insurance and safety documentation which should be prominently displayed on board. Sample Load Line Exemption Certificate.

    Access to the Seashore

    References regarding access to the shore at various points, do not imply rights of way and anglers should ensure that, where necessary, they obtain permission from landowners in order to enter or cross private lands.

    Respect for the Environment

    Please leave the shore as you would hope to find it. Do not leave litter and do not discard hooks, line or tackle which may be a danger to animals or humans.

    Safety at Sea

    It should be noted that all anglers going to sea in small boats (less than 7m) must wear life jackets at all times. Anglers under 16 years of age must also wear life jackets at all times when on board licensed charter vessels. All other anglers on board a charter vessel must have access to a life jacket. It is the responsibility of every angler on a charter boat, to ask to see the current certification from the Dept of Transport and to view a copy of the vessels insurance policy before putting to sea.

    Tournaments and Festivals

    The Irish Federation of Sea Anglers (IFSA) and the European Federation of Sea Anglers (EFSA-Ireland) organise a number of boat and shore competitions annually in all four Irish provinces. They range from low key one day club events, to major festivals or high profile, international tournaments lasting up to a week in duration. Conservation is an important feature of competitive events fished in Ireland with the majority of tournaments having strict rules and size limits. In fact most shore competition organisers now insist on all fish being returned alive to the water after weighing or measuring.

    Further information from:

    Irish Federation of Sea Anglers

    Web: http://ifsa.ie/
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: +353 (0)85 7339040

    European Federation of Sea Anglers (Ireland)

    Email: [email protected]
    Tel. +353 (0)1 2828769