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    Sea angling off Clare Island


    Dogfish, dab, small coalfish and small turbot can be caught at the main pier. The shoreline west of the Castle gives good fishing for dogfish and conger. Spinning for pollack, coalfish and mackerel over very foul ground close to the shoreline can be good. At Portlea Pier the angler can fish for dogfish, bull huss and conger. North of the same pier is very deep water where float fishing can take ballan and cuchoo wrasse, and close to a high tide mackerel and pollack are easily caught. Bottom fishing among the clear patches can take dogfish, dab and some plaice (great care should be exercised all along this shore in wet conditions).

    Overall, there are many good spots where the angler can explore the quality of fishing around the island, including also the lovely cove north of the old Irish Lights House where a variety of fish can be caught in very deep water. Local people are very helpful and the visiting angler should always seek their advice. There are many good accommodation houses on the island.

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