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    The Broadmeadow and Ward Rivers

    Trout fishing in Ireland. the Broadmeadow River

    The Broadmeadow River has its source north of Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath. It flows for circa 24 km across rich pastureland before it reaches the sea, north of Swords, Co. Dublin. This small river is limestone based and it contains a stock of small wild brown trout.

    Broadmeadow fly hatches

    This river has a number of smaller feeder streams the largest of which is the River Ward. This triburtary also contains a good stock of wild brown trout. The Broadmeadows has some nice fly hatches with olives and buzzers being important. There can be a small hatch of BWO during the summer and some sedge activity late in the summer evenings. Small black flies such as gnats and smuts can be very effective on this river. Fishing on the Broadmeadow River is controlled by riparian owners. Catch and release is encouraged

    The Ward River

    The Ward River flows in an easterly direction, joining the Broadmeadow River, just north of Swords. It then enters the sea at the Broadmeadow Estuary. This tributary is also a limestone based stream flowing mainly through pastureland. It has significant urban development on its lower reaches. Olives, gnats and buzzers are all present on this river. Fishing is controlled by riparian owners. Anglers should check locally for details on fishing.

    Trout fishing in Ireland. the Broadmeadow River


    The Broadmeadow river flows through Counties Meath and Dublin. The nearest towns and villages include Swords, Ashbourne, Rathoath and Dunshaughlin

    Fish species

    Wild brown trout


    1st March to 30th September

    Angling Club

    Please enquire locally.


    Please enquire locally

    Tackle shop

    Swords Angling Centre, Telephone: +353 1 840 9387
    Email: [email protected]
    Web: https://www.facebook.com/swords.centre

    Fishing guides: https://fishinginireland.info/guides/dublin

    Fishing methods

    All legitimate methods are allowed and fly fishing and catch and release are encouraged. Traditional wet fly patterns work well and nymph fishing can produce excellent results.

    Fly hatches

    The Broadmeadow gets hatches of olives, gnats and sedges.

    Important note

    Anglers fishing on the lower stretchs of these rivers must note that sea trout can be caught on these rivers. Sea trout caught by accident MUST be returned immediately to the water. Anyone fishing for sea trout must do so in accordance with the salmon and sea trout regulations. Anglers MUST be in possession of current valid state salmon and sea trout fishing licence. Please see the following link for details of the salmon and sea trout regulations

    Access to fisheries

    Access is generally located close to the road bridges on these rivers. It is provided through the goodwill and assistance of the farming community. However, access does not imply a right of way. Anglers should ensure that they have the necessary permission to enter or cross private lands. Where possible, anglers should walk along the riverbank.

    Country code

    Close gates and ensure that fences are not damaged or broken. Take care with crops and livestock. Do not discard litter or light fires. Park vehicles in designated areas and in such a manner, as they do not cause obstruction. Please follow all the principles of Leave No Trace when angling https://fishinginireland.info/enjoy-irelands-fisheries-leave-no-trace/

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