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    The Monaghan Blackwater

    The Monaghan Blackwater rises near the Bragan mountains and flows in a south-easterly direction through Monaghan Town. It eventually joins the Ulster Blackwater Near Caledon. Angling is controlled by the Monaghan Anglers Association who regularly stock the river. This river contains a good stock of wild and stocked brown trout as well as an increasing number of Dollaghan, which are a strain of trout unique to Lough Neagh and which migrate into this river to spawn. They are extremely fast growing and provide excellent sport. Dollaghan are not a free rising fish and the angler should employ similar methods to sea-strout fishing including fly patterns. The best time to fish for Dollaghan is after sunset right through to early hours. All legitimate methods are allowed but the Association encourages and supports a policy of catch and release. Some of the more popular angling areas are upstream and downstream of Milltown Bridge, upstream and downstream of Rathconnell Bridge and Silver Stream area close to the confluence with the Ulster Blackwater.

    Location: Co. Louth and Co. Tyrone. The main town in the area is Monaghan Town.

    Season: March 1st to 30th September.

    Fish Species: the Monaghan Blackwater River contains stocks of wild and stocked brown trout throughout it’s course. Dollaghan are also present a small run of salmon is reported in late summer.

    Methods: All legitimate methods are allowed however catch and release is encouraged

    Best Flies:
    Brown trout: Hares Ear, assorted Goldheads, Wickhams Fancy, Black and Silver Spider Kilinkhammer Special, Grey Duster, Grey Flag, Black Gnat, Sedge and Olive patterns.

    Dollaghan: Teal Blue & Silver, Black Pennell, Peter Ross, Conemara Black, Sliver Spider, Bann Special, Ally’s Shrimp.

    Salmon: Green Highlander, Garry Dog, Orange & Gold Shrimp, Bann Special Shrimp.

    Angling Clubs: The Monaghan Anglers Association control angling on this water. The club is open to new members. Membership costs about €20. contact the Secretary for more information:

    [email protected]

    Permits (about €5 for a day ticket) available from

    MC Graham’s,
    Monaghan, H18 VY06

    Angling Tip: When fishing for Dollaghan use sea-trout tactics. Small salmon flies work well in coloured water. Fish after sunset.

    Further Information: Inland Fisheries Ireland, 3044 Lake Drive, Citywest Business Campus,
    Dublin 24.
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: +353 1 8842693
    Fax: +353 1 2787025